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One of the goals of the SciPy Conference is to connect the individuals in the SciPy community with organizations that are looking for the best and brightest scientific Python talent. To do so, we offer our Sponsors for the 2019 conference the opportunity to post their job listings on our SciPy Conference jobs board.


In addition, gold and platinum sponsors will participate in the conference job fair Wednesday, July 10th at 5:30 pm. The job fair is open to the public.


Enthought, Inc.

Scientific Software Developer

Python Technical Trainer

If you are passionate about scientific and analytic computing, dedicated to quality, and pragmatic about problem solving, we'd love to hear from you. While domain expertise and strong technical skills are almost always required, we tend to weigh "really smart," "highly productive," and "dedicated to developing quality products" more heavily than any specific skill set or degree. If this seems interesting, please visit

Enthought Job Postings
Bloomberg Job Postings
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