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Virtual Poster Session

There is so much incredible research taking place in the SciPy community and we are excited to be able to share some of it with you through the SciPy 2020 virtual poster session. Please spend some time exploring the submissions. There is a Slack channel specifically dedicated to the poster session. We encourage you to post questions or comments to the authors of the posters.

We are also pleased to announce our first "Best Poster Contest". We ask all registered attendees to vote on the poster they deem “best” based on the level of the research, quality of the poster, innovation, and clarity. The two top winners will receive a certificate and monetary prize. Please vote using this google form. Voting will end on Thursday, July 9 at 5:00 pm CDT.

1. Applied Data Science for Offer Response in Deceased Kidney Organ Transplantation

Authors: Morgan Stuart, Andrew Placona

2. Balance of Plant Network Simulation for a Boiling Water Nuclear Reactor
Authors: Austin Rotker, Valmor F. de Alemeida

3. Basin DNA: Gaining Subsurface Insight using Unsupervised Learning on Heterogenous Data 
Authors: Antoine Vialaussavy, Daniel Conlin, Joel Graves, Pooja Rani, Jeremy Vila

4. Bringing New Life to an Agent-based Fish Model Using the Scientific Python Stack 

Authors: Zachary Sherman, Robert Jackson, Jason Hemedinger, Andy Huttenga, Paul Tarpey, John Hayse, 

5. Building Machine Learning Pipelines with Kubeflow 
Author: William Horton

6. Bridging the Gap in Software Citation 
Authors: C. Fan Du, James Howison, Heather Piwowar, Jason Priem, Patrice Lopez

7. Combining Physics-based and Data-driven Modeling for Well Construction
Authors: Oney Erge, Eric van Oort

8. Computation Techniques for Encrypted Data 
Author: Gajendra Deshpande

9. Compyle: Python Once, Parallel Computing Anywhere
Authors: Aditya Bhosale, Prabhu Ramachandran

10. Creating Interactive Network Visualizations with Pyvis and VisJS

Author: Giancarlo Perrone

11. Customizing JupyterLab Using Extensions 
Authors: Alex Bozarth, Martha Cryan,

12. Daskify an MPI Application for Distribution Using Dask : Learnings during Implementation 
Authors: Sangeeth Keeriyadath, Pradipta Ghosh

13. Decentralized, Deterministic Robot Swarm Control using Blob Methods for PDEs 
Authors: Matt Haberland, Karthik Elamvazhuthi, Olga Turanova, Katy Craig, 

14. Distributed Parallel Computing for Pressurized-Flow Dynamic Simulations 
Author: Gerardo Riano-Briceno, Lina Sela, Ben Hodges

15. GIXStapose: An Interactive Morphology and Diffraction Viewer

Authors: Jenny Fothergill, Eric Jankowski

16. Go Explore! Brining Python to Shell’s Geoscience Community
Authors: Yuanzhong Fan, Nathan Suurmeyer 

17. Having your Cake and Eating it: Exploiting Python for Programmer Productivity and Performance on Micro-core Architectures Using ePython 
Authors: Maurice Jamieson, Nick Brown

18. High-performance Operator Evaluations with Ease of Use: libCEED's Python Interface 
Authors: Valeria Barra, Jed Brown, Jeremy Thompson, Yohann Dudouit

19. Hyperparameters--Auto-tuning to Make Performance Sing with Optuna 
Author: Crissman Loomis,

20. Introduction to FEM Analysis with Python 
Author: Tetsuo Koyama

21. libEnsemble: a Python Library for Dynamic Ensemble-Based Computations 
Authors: David Bindel, Stephen Hudson, Jeffrey Larson, John-Luke Navarro, Stefan Wild,

22. Matched Filter Mismatch Losses in MPSK and MQAM Using Semi-Analytic BEP Modeling 

Authors: Mark Wickert,  David Peckham

23. MetPy's Meteorological Data Parsing Abilities: From Surface to Upper Air 
Authors: Maxwell Grover, Ryan May

24. MoSDeF: Molecular Simulation Design Framework, Open-source Software toward Reproducible Computational Simulation 
Authors: Co Quach, Matt Thompson, Justin Gilmer, Alexander Yang, Ray Matsumoto, Parashara Shamaprasad,  Andrew Summers, Christopher Iacovella, Clare McCabe, Peter Cummings, 

25. Napari: Multi-dimensional Image Visualization in Python 
Authors: Kira Evans, Talley Lambert, Kevin Yamauchi, Ahmet Can Solak, Shannon Axelrod, Loïc Royer, Juan Nunez-Iglesias, Nicholas Sofroniew 

26. Netlist Analysis and Transformation Using SpyDrNet 
Authors: Dallin Skouson, Andrew Keller, Michael Wirthlin

27. Nonlinear Reduced Order Models for Structural Dynamics with Variational Autoencoders 

Authors: David Najera, Christopher Van Damme

28. OOF: Open-source Finite Element Analysis for Materials 
Authors: Andrew Reid, Shahriyar Keshavarz

29. Packaging Data and Machine Learning Models for Sharing 
Author: Elle O'Brien

30. Parallel Programming with PyCOMPSs 
Authors: Rosa M. Badia, Javier Álvarez Cid-Fuentes, Javier Conejero, 

31. Parsita: The Easiest Way to Parse Text in Python 
Author: David Hagen

32. Performance Evaluation of Calorimeter Clustering Algorithms 

Authors: Alexandra Ballow, Alina Lazar

33. Predicting ADHD Questionnaire Scores from Motor Behavior Using Machine Learning in Python

Authors: Anton Leontyev, Takashi Yamauchi, Moein Razavi

34. Prototype to Production: Python Tools for Rapid Web Interface Development 
Authors: Scott Christensen, Marvin Brown

35. Pyaesar: A Multi-Node Multi-Processor API 
Authors: Jamil Gafur, David Howard Neill-Asanza, Carrie Manore, Geoffrey Fairchild, 

36. Pydra - A Flexible and Lightweight Dataflow Engine for Scientific Analyses 
Authors: Dorota Jarecka, Mathias Goncalves, Christopher Markiewicz, Oscar Esteban, Jakub Kaczmarzyk, 
Satrajit Ghosh

37. Pymer4: Bringing R’s Powerful Mixed-modeling to Python 
Author: Eshin Jolly

38. pynucastro: A Python Library for Exploring Nuclear Reaction Rates (Coming soon)
Authors: Michael Zingale, Donald Willcox, Lyra Cao, Kiran Eiden, Xinlong Li

39. Python for Ground Motion Processing: Streamlining I/O for Accelerogram Data Files 
Authors: Heather Schovanec, Mike Hearne, John Rekoske

40. Python at the Speed of Light : Introducing EinsteinPy, a Tool for General Relativity 
Author: Shreyas Bapat, Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, The EinsteinPy Project

41. PyTorch-Based Neural Network Approximation of ODE Solutions 
Authors: Yue Wu, Arthur Edison, Jonathan Arnold, Shannon Quinn, Heinz-Bernd Schuttler, Michael Judge

42. Quasi-orthonormal Encoding for Machine Learning Applications 
Author: Haw-Minn Lu

43. Real-Time Software Defined Radio Using Python 
Authors: Andrew Smit, Mark Wickert

44. Reproducibility in Research Data Science 
Authors: Ana Trisovic, Merce Crosas, 

45. Role of Linestring Modification in Prevention of Road Network Subgraphs

Authors: Mehmet Kunt, Jennifer Zuehlke, Randy Machemehl, 

46. Sea Level Rise and Terminal Impairment in Coastal Housing Markets 
Authors: Jacob Dice, David Rodziewicz, Chris Amante, Eugene Wahl

47. Securing Your Collaborative Jupyter Notebooks in the Cloud using Container and Load Balancing Services 
Authors: Haw-Minn Lu, Adrian Kwong

48. Selecting and Productionizing a Nearest Neighbor Datastore

Authors: Aaron Wieczorek, Rafael Turner, Jackie Kazil

49. Shadow: A Workflow Scheduling Algorithm Reference and Testing Framework
Author: Ryan Bunney

50. Spectral Analysis of Mitochondrial Dynamics: A Graph-Theoretic Approach to Understanding Subcellular Pathology
Authors: Marcus Hill, Mojtaba Fazli,  Rachel Mattson,  Andrew Durden, Frederick Quinn, Chakra Chennubhotla, 
Shannon Quinn

51. Streamflow Prediction Using Network-aware Deep Learning in the Cloud 
Authors: Jeffrey Sadler, Xiaowei Jia, Alison Appling, Samantha Oliver, Jordan Read, Vipin Kumar,  Grey Nearing,  Frederik Kratzert, Joseph Hamman,  Richard Signell

52. STUMPY: A Powerful and Scalable Python Library for Modern Time Series Analysis 
Author: Sean Law

53. Test your Code with the Scientific Method!
Author: Zac Hatfield-Dodds

54. Unsupervised Representation of Cilia Video Using A Modular Generative Pipeline 
Authors: Meekail Zain,  Quinn Wyner, Nathan Safir, Alex Eldridge, Bella Humphrey, Sonia Rao, 
Shannon Quinn

55. Using Domain Storytelling to Develop a Context Aware Framework to Support Interdisciplinary Scientific Inquiry in yt 
Authors: Samantha Walkow, Matthew Turk

56. Using Machine Learning to Predict Novel Gene Regulatory Interactions During Candida Albicans Biofilm Development

Authors: Akshay Paropkari, Clarissa Nobile, Suzanne Sindi

57. Visualizing Hidden Layers of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network in Atmospheric Science Applications 
Authors: Maria Molina, David John Gagne, Andreas Prein, 

58. Yet Another Acquisition: The Yaq Daemon Interface for Heterogeneous Instrumentation 

Authors: Kyle Sunden, Blaise Thompson, John Wright

59. zfit: Scalable Pythonic Fitting
Authors: Jonas Eschle, Albert Puig Navarro,Rafael Silva Coutinho, Nicola Serra, Matthieu Marinangeli

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